Planet Approach

The planet approach window shows a screen with a space-ship icon approaching a space-station. The sequence is:

  1. Exiting Hyperspace window flashes
  2. Hyperspace jump-window opens
  3. Ship travels towards space-station
  4. Docking successful appears

approach2 Activate the screen by pressing Planet Approach UI in the controller.

The screen starts idle. Click Start in the controller to begin the sequence. Pause pauses the sequence, while Stop resets it. controller_approach You can configure the various elements through the Settings button in the Controller. controller_approach_2 ETA: Is the time before the space-ship icon reaches the station in seconds. Set this to the time you want your scene to take.

Target Name: The name shown on the top of the screen.

Distance: The starting distance, which ticks down to 0, displayed on the left side of the screen.

Richtext, Left: The Text on the left (below distance). You can use godots bbcode tags: BBCode