Character Sheet

Here you can add characters to be shown in the various screens. Access it by clicking the character tab in the controller. character_sheet The Menu on top allows to: Select Character: Choose a character to edit. Create Character: Opens a popup to create a new character Delete Character: Delete a character, is disabled to prevent accidental deleting. Flip the "Enable Delete" switch first Set Portrait: You can set a portrait through a file dialogue through this button. (use 70x50 px images for optimal results) Class: You can change the class via the dropdown menu

The fields are as follows: Callsign: The callsign/nickname of the character Name: The full name of the character Filename: The filename under which the character is saved. By default it uses the callsign when creating a character. Will be overwritten if a new character is created with the same callsign.

The statblock is currently not adapted for 1e (changing soon) and mostly has no use yet. Only health/max health is used to calculate the heart-beat strength in the status-tab.

Main Text and Fancy Text are the two text-blocks being shown on the Roster screen. Fancy Text is the block on the left, Main Text the larger block on the right. You can again use bbcode BBCode